Cory West: The Creative Urge

About Me

I was born in Los Angeles, CA in 1972. I grew up in California, Texas, Hawaii, and Oregon in various places. I went to college at Rice University where I studied computer science. After college, I lived in Seattle and worked at Microsoft for about eight years while working on the Windows NT kernel and on the Windows Media components. After Seattle and Microsoft I moved to San Francisco where I currently live. In San Francisco, I worked for Digidesign for six years programming and managing the systems software for Pro Tools. I then worked for Adobe for four years managing the creation of Flash Catalyst, and then on bringing Flex to mobile devices. In February 2012, I started a new job at Facebook, so you can find me there!

Creative Urges

I love photography. I am particularly fond of photographing performing artists, and spent a few seasons with the Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble. I also like to photo journal the significant events in my life in a high quality way. Some recent examples include: Gay Pride Lunch 2011, Larry and Randy's Engagement Party, Yule 2011, Christmas with the Libson Family, Christmas at Allston Way, New Year's Day 2012 Potluck at Allston Way, Spring in the SF Arboretum, Easter at Sara and Jonny's, and Facebook Hackathon 31 Night Hockey.

I enjoy making music, though I have not been as active in recent years. The last thing I worked on was a small orchestral ensemble piece. I have previously dabbled with electronic music like this unfinished song, and this song from a live set I played at a Vibrant Collective party. A long time ago I used to DJ progressive trance like this.

I love food and wine, and I do quite a bit of cooking and eating. My favorite SF restaurants include Zuni, Coi, and Contigo. I also enjoy the occassional food-inspired vacation, like this trip to Spain in 2009.